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Hymer’s 2015 range is their best yet!

Leading German manufacturer Hymer Motorhomes have upped the ante for 2015 with two new ranges, bringing the number to choose from to ten. The latest editions; the B-class Premium line and the Tramp SL are both packed with improvements, giving new and existing customers a tantalising choice. If you can’t wait to find out more about them, follow the links below for a preview.

B-class Premium line:

Tramp SL:

How do you protect the front of your Caravan?

This caravanner is obviously very resourceful! We found upon checking his caravan in for service that he had put cling film all over his front windows, including the sunroof to protect them from getting dirty when they arrive on site.  We thought it was a clever and cost effective idea, although possibly not as strong a support as a caravan front cover when it comes to stone chips etc.  Caravan front covers are available to order from our Accessories Store for £179 as shown in the second image.  Feel free to call us on 01278764804 for more information.

photo photo1