Rapido 600FF: The Ultimate Compact Motorhome

Check out March’s edition of Which Motorhome (picture below) where the feature ‘Ultimate Showdown’ compares 8 compact Coachbuilt Motorhomes, all with drop down beds.  The Rapido 600FF was the overall winner after fighting off competition from; Adria, Bailey, Burstner, Chausson, Roller Team and Pilote.  Which Motorhome commented that they liked the quality furniture, classy interior styling and the out and out comfort.  Contact our Motorhome department on 01278 782725 for more information on the Rapido 600ff which is now in stock.

2014 Rapido 600FF Review

2014 Rapido 600FF Review

2 thoughts on “Rapido 600FF: The Ultimate Compact Motorhome

  1. David Sanders


    We will be in Somerset at the end of May. Are you likely to have a Rapido 600FF in stock then please. It looks really as though it is what we have been looking for but we would like to actually see one.

    Best wishes

    David Sanders

  2. Andrew Harcourt

    I bought a new Rapido 600FF. There were several Rapido build quality issues to the extent that in the first six months it did not operate correctly for more than 4 days at a time. It was returned to the supplying dealer four times, and they were unable to fix two or three of the faults. The ones they could not fix were all electrical intermittent faults, which made them very difficult to trace. Two of them were in the bed wiring, and as I am an electronics engineer, after about four full days of tracing individual cables and wires from circuit diagrams I was able to find the problems and rectify them. By this time I had the contact details of the technical manager at Rapido, and those of the technical guy at the bed manufacturer in Italy. There were other Rapido build quality issues, some of which I also fixed, so I won’t be buying another Rapido.


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