Highbridge are Rapido’s Export Dealer of the Year!

Highbridge are Rapido’s Export Dealer of the Year!

At Rapido’s recent dealer meeting in France we beat off the competition from the rest of Rapido’s European network outside of the French market to gain the prestigious export dealer of the year award. Highbridge won the gold award, a German dealer won silver and a Norway dealer won bronze. Director Philip Davies who collected the award from Rapido on behalf of Highbridge, said: “This award is a good sign of our growth both as a dealer and as a supplier of new Rapido Motorhomes. We are fairly new with Rapido compared to some of my Father’s relationships with English brands such as Lunar and Swift for over 40 years. We took on the Rapido franchise after singling them out at the 2007 Dusseldorf show as an excellent addition to our new motorhome franchises. We were very pleased to receive the bronze award for export dealer of the year in 2012 from Rapido and now we are over the moon having received the Gold award two years later. We feel that at Highbridge we now have one of the largest selection of new and used Rapido Motorhomes in the Country and we are very pleased to have many happy Rapido customers from all around the Country. Having seen the new 2015 Rapido models there are some nice surprises and I look forward to showing our customers around them for their first viewing at this year’s NEC show.”

For more information on Highbridge’s new and used Rapido Motorhomes please click here: http://www.highbridgecaravans.co.uk/motorhomeSearchResults.php?make=Rapido&berth=%25&orderBy=MODEL&price=%3E+-1

Philip can be seen in the picture handing the gold award over to his Father John Davies.P1450575

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