Motorhomes have landed at Outdoor Experience

We are pleased to announce that the first quality used motorhomes have now arrived at Outdoor Experience.  Also, we are pleased to announce the signing of our new Motorhome Sales and Operations Manager Jody White for Outdoor Experience.  Jody has a wealth of knowledge within the industry and over 14 years’ experience in selling motorhomes at various dealerships and shows throughout the Country.  Jody is also a keen Motorhomer himself and if he isn’t on a Motorhome rally, then he would be just as happy on a Motorhome forum helping out his fellow Motorhomer’s.  Please check the website for Outdoor Experience’s latest motorhome availability.

Pictured below celebrating the first two Motorhomes arriving on site is Jody White to the left, Philip Davies Director centre and Alistair Buckley General Manager on the right.

IMG_03 IMG_05

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